Bringing down barriers to selling online

duknadmin Nov. 2, 2020, 12:02 p.m.
India’s spirit of entrepreneurship has never been higher. We are one of the largest contributors to the world of startups.

Yet, not all who would like to begin selling their products are into big technology ideas. They simply are creators or curators of products that they believe have likely buyers out there. Think of the coffee estate owners who grow varieties of coffee, a housewife with unique pickle recipes, a kitchenware retailer who wants to reach every part of the country or a home-made candle maker who wants to keep it local – all of them need a platform to sell online.

Of course, there already do exist more than a few platforms to set up stores online. But costs, complexity in setting up, lack of insights, and inadequate knowledge about payment gateways, taxation, and shipping form big barriers to potential online retailers.

Here is where Dukn comes in. It enables and empowers more businesses to go online. It’s a DIY product – yes you can ‘do it yourself’ and set up your online store in minutes. But if any help is needed, you can seek assistance. 

Dukn provides a clean and simple interface and easy-to-understand links to upload your products, content, and choose a payment gateway. You can also create content pages with images, videos and messages, which you can edit anytime. 

With Dukn, you’re on top of everything. No need for coders or any understanding of web technology. 

So as long as you have more than one product that you believe has a market out there, go ahead and set up your own online store with